Heisler Tool Company works with a wide range of customers from vintage automotive part suppliers to machine builders. We specialize in high-end precision, low volume machining for complex configurations in a variety of materials.

We have a long history of innovation and excellence. Since 1986 we have satisfied our customers with outside-the-box thinking and quality manufacturing service. We are committed to delivering on time precision work supported by customer-focused service and competitive pricing

Our 25,000 square foot facility gives us the flexibility of producing machining parts both large and small. Our highly trained staff has countless years of industry experience and resources to ensure customer expectations are consistently met resulting in the time tested most efficent and cost-effective process.

We pride ourselves in assuring our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the product and service they received. You can rely on us to provide quality parts that meet all of your requirements, including on-time delivery.

To get started with your world class solution or to request a quality competative bid, thank you for considering Heisler Tool Company:precision manufacturing & fabricating.

Spotlight May 2022

Rapid Prototyping in 24 hours Need a prototype in a hurry? With our new 3D scanning and printing services, it's not just possible, it's probable.

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